Thank you for your interest in our catering services! We offer all types of food service from tapas to 5 course dinners. Below is some information for you, but please reply with any questions you might have. We specialize in unique events and menus so we have many options to cater to any need or style you may want!


This is a great option and compliments a farm to table themed menu. A cocktail hour served buffet style like mentioned above is still recommended. The dinner service would begin with the menu items coming out by courses but in large bowls with enough portions for the whole table (with the exception of soup which would be individual). This allows the guest at the table to dress their own plate and only with the items that they would eat. Similar to how you would do it at your own dinner table at home. This is great for guests that are seated together that may not know each other also. It encourages community and conversation. Family style allows your guests to remain seated and everyone eating at the same time. This helps with the overall time line of your event. If this style is chosen we suggest that tall centerpieces/arrangements are selected for the guest tables so that there is plenty of room for the food serving bowls.


This is a more traditional reception style with our added twist of unique display and presentation. Food is displayed beautifully and with lots of thought so that the entrees do not overcook or the side dishes do not lose their vibrant colors and natural properties. The guests would normally be dismissed from their tables in sections so that there is not a long line and the staff can make sure that the buffet stays stocked and beautiful for each guest. Occasionally a salad or soup can be served at the table first to help in assisting everyone to their seats with something to eat while waiting for their table to be dismissed. A cocktail hour prior would also be buffet style with stations great for mingling and grazing!


Our menus begin at $35 per person and we have a 20% service fee and tax added. This includes a grazing table or 2 appetizers, salad and bread, 2 protein choices with 2 sides, and a non-alcoholic drink station. Both styles are similar in price with the family style being a little more because of increased staffing needed. Plated dishes, tapas style, or heavy hors d’oeuvres are available for a more formal setting. If interested in more details please reach out so we can create your own experience!

We provide everything we need to serve the dinner. We do not provide china, glassware, silverware, linens, tables etc. We have a complete catering team that is prepared to flawlessly execute any type of event.
– Highly skilled professional culinary team
– High quality, fresh products delivered daily
– Customer- focused menu and event designers assisting you with all your catering needs
– Consistent and reliable service reputation to the community
– Large menu selections, impressive presentation and exceptional service

All of our events are the result of a collaborative effort between our event designers, culinary experts and operations teams and you! Inviting Purple Door to cater your event means having the experience of many industry veterans working together to make your special occasion a success. You are ensured the highest level of attention to achieve a flawless event. Every function is meticulously planned with your event coordinator to capture your imagination, delight your senses and, impress your guests. Our team of culinary experts can assist with menu design that will showcase your ideas and personal tastes. Our design and buffet presentation sets us apart.

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